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School facilities

Sports facilities 

  • Rugby fields 
  • Netball and tennis courts 
  • Cricket
  • Soccer

Sports we accommodate, but not coached by the school:

  • Dance
  • Karate
  • Golf
  • Horse riding 

Cultural activities:

  • Junior choir 
  • Music school (not included in school fees)
  • Eisteddfod
  • School play
  • Chess

Bus routes currently offered: 

Kathu route (taking over the Adonai service)

Aggrey Maseng (078 660 1145) will be your driver from tomorrow (and for the rest of the year). Our service will start from 06:00 in the morning from Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE BUS WILL ONLY WAIT FOR 2 MINUTES FOR A LEARNER. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate a learner who is late, as this then makes the whole route late. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their child is ready for the bus. If the child is not ready, then transport will become the parent's responsibility.

Kuruman route

Ben Wilson (076 151 0034) will be your driver. ALL learners must meet at Leach Toyota between 06:20 and 06:30. The bus will depart at 06:30 and will not wait for any learner who is late. Parents must ensure that the register is signed in the morning. The bus will return to Kuruman at 15:30 (Monday to Thursday) and at 14:00 (Fridays).

Postmasburg route

Due to the number of learners enrolling at our school from Postmasburg, we have added a second bus on the route. Thus your drivers are:

Anthony Joubert (061 350 1544) and Corbin Taaibosch (076 227 2195). The busses will depart at 06:15 from Postmasburg and will return at 15:30 (Monday to Thursday) and at 14:00 (Fridays). All parents must please ensure that the register is signed.



Aftercare facilities are available for our learners every day until 17:30. We request that our parents respect these times.