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Welcome to

Curro Kathu

Curro Kathu is an independent school situated in Kathu, known as the town under trees. 

At Curro Kathu we not only strive towards academic excellence, but we employ a holistic approach to developing each learner to become an educated, confident adult throughout life. 

We offer value-based education by creating opportunities for our learners, whether they be academic, cultural or on the sports field, and by ensuring that technology supports the learning process. The Curro Kathu educational model is characterised by positive discipline, a Christian ethos and values, creative thinking and child friendliness. 

Curro Kathu is a place where learners find that they are valued for who they are. In this child-friendly environment educators interact with learners in a sincere way, motivating them and encouraging them to always try and become the best they possibly can. Children and parents at Curro Kathu are united in their pursuit of a common goal, namely to provide the learners with a foundation for a lifetime of personal achievement and service to others. 

Quick facts: 

  • Boys and girls 
  • English and Afrikaans 
  • Parallel-medium classes 
  • Foundation phase: Grade R to Grade 3 
  • Intermediate phase: Grade 4 to Grade 7 
  • Senior phase: Grade 8 and Grade 9 
  • FET phase: Grade 10 to Grade 12 
  • Controlled class sizes 
  • School times vary depending on the grade. See school times for more information. 
  • Aftercare facilities are available 
  • IEB examinations (Grade 12) 



For more information about our nursery school, Curro Castle Kathu, please click the link below.