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Hostel facilities is available for learners from Grade 6 to Grade 12 

Curro Klerksdorp's boarding facilities are an outstanding choice for motivated students alongside goal-orientated peers. Saint Theresa and Saint Vincent can accommodate 80 students – 40 learners respectively. 

Emphasising academics, sport and spiritual growth, this small boarding establishment allows for a friendly family orientated setting – “a home away from home”. 

A biquarterly newsletter, quarterly outings and an annual year-end mega outing are some of the ways we keep parents informed and boarders entertained. 

Each boarder receives a cubicle, which boasts a double, lockable cupboard and wall to wall carpeting. With a plug socket and desk, we will soon be encouraging students to bring their own computers to the boarding facilities. 

It is with encouragement that those who live more than 50 km away consider this option to maximise their child’s output in the future. 

Policy information and rules 

At Curro Klerksdorp we try to maintain a family spirit within our boarding establishments. 

We achieve this in the following way: 

  • By being friendly and open with the boarders. 
  • By allowing certain freedom, but not at the expense of the discipline. 
  • By setting the parameters in which our learners can operate as individuals. 

Weekend and day leave 

There is one compulsory hostel weekend per quarter and it is expected that all learners leave the facilities on these weekends. During the term, learners may go home provided that there are no school activities. If school activities are taking place, learners may only go home after completion of these activities. No learner may go home on the first weekend of the year. A fax with permission from parents/hosts for learners to leave for the weekend must reach the school by the Thursday before the weekend. 

Learners who wish to go to town must obtain a permission slip from the boarding parent. 


Will attend church as arranged by school.


The boarding facilities have a public telephone box. No learner will be allowed to leave, while studying or while they are in their beds to receive a phone call. If it is an emergency, please phone the Head of Boarding. The school will not be held responsible for the loss of any cellphones. 


Study periods must be strictly adhered to and a boarder may only be absent from study periods if they are attending extramural activities. No eating, drinking or music are allowed during these sessions. 


It is not the school’s responsibility to check the validity of passports, study permits and re-entry visas. Passports need to be handed to the Head of Boarding for safe-keeping. 

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