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Boarding School from Grades 6 to 12

Why choose Curro Klerksdorp?

  • Intimate family atmosphere in a small-town environment
  • Extended academic and extramural programme
  • Devoted staff
  • Inner and outer perimeter security as well as state-of-the-art facilities
  • Independent Examinations Board (IEB) examination and curriculum ensures the best possible preparation for successful future learning
  • All learners are encouraged to participate in all spheres of school life
  • Learners are guided to develop into responsible citizens of significance

Why choose Curro Klerksdorp boarding school?

  • Fully-equipped individual private rooms
  • Maximum of 40 learners per boarding house, ensuring a homely atmosphere where learners receive personalised attention
  • Housekeeping and laundry services included
  • Learner-driven entertainment and activities including swimming, braais, cooking and baking competitions, singing competitions, termly outings and an end-of-year function
  • Strong focus on personal and academic discipline

 Boarding parents or supervisors
Both Saint Theresa (girls) and Saint Vincent (boys) boarding parents are permanently employed, have years of experience in both teaching and boarding and live on the property. They are assisted by dedicated supervisors. Together, they provide a loving, nurturing and supportive environment in all aspects of boarding life. Their approach is holistic and extends beyond academic and extramural support.

Frequently asked questions
Where is the nearest medical facility? The nearest general practitioner is within walking distance of Curro Klerksdorp and the closest hospital and orthodontist is no more than five minutes away.

How do leave arrangements and visits work? Parents/Guardians can visit their children any time. If anybody else is collecting a child, written consent from a parent or guardian is required. Boarders can go to town on a Friday afternoon until 17:25 and on a Saturday morning after breakfast until 13:00. When off the premises, learners are always required to travel in groups.

Is theft an issue and how is it dealt with? While theft is not a problem in our boarding facilities, we do provide the necessary measures and structures to ensure the safekeeping of personal and valuable items. In the unlikely event of a theft occurring, the incident is dealt with immediately and effectively as per the code of conduct.

Who monitors my child’s progress? The boarding parents are in close contact with the teachers; they sign all tests and assessments and are regularly updated regarding progress of boarders in their school life. Should extra academic assistance be required, arrangements are made, at no extra cost, for the boarder to be assisted; progress is continually monitored.

Will my child make friends easily? Yes. One of the advantages limited-numbers boarding schools offer, is that learners quickly bond and form close, life-long friendships.

Do boys and girls have separate facilities? Yes, Saint Theresa (girls) and Saint Vincent (boys) boarders are housed in separate facilities that include dorms, lounges, study and entertainment areas. Boarders do, however, dine together.

What is your response to bullying? Curro Klerksdorp in no way tolerates any form of bullying, initiation or intimidation. Infringements are treated in the most serious light and are dealt with accordingly.

What happens if my child is homesick? Learners do experience bouts of homesickness. If needed, the school has the professional services of a trained counsellor, pastors and clinical psychologists on hand. A caring network of staff and learner support enables boarders to settle into their new environment with as little disruption as possible. Once settled, learners tend to build a happy and fulfilling life at boarding school.

How do boarders occupy themselves over weekends? An entertainment committee is elected each term. Their task is to arrange fun weekend activities, including swimming, braaiing, baking, singing and dancing competitions, in-house dorm entertainment, and contests of every variety. Boarders are also expected to devote part of their weekend to their schoolwork and to studying and preparing for examinations. They also attend a church service on the premises each Sunday.

What kind of food is served to the boarders? Meal plans designed by a qualified dietician are emailed to parents each week. All meals are prepared in-house using freshly ordered ingredients. Meals are well-balanced and provide all the necessary nutrition for a growing child.

How do parents communicate with their child? Boarders are encouraged to communicate with their parents at any time. Should a parent not be able to make contact with their child, they are welcome to communicate directly with boarding parents at any reasonable hour, with the exception of emergencies.

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