Boarding School from Grades 4 to 12

Why choose Curro Academy Mahikeng?

  • Exceptional, experienced staff – all level 1 or level 2 first aiders, fire fighters and/or safety marshals
  • Excellent communication between parents, staff and school via email and telephone
  • One assistant per boarding school is available 24/7
  • Excellent interaction between the school and the boarding school with regards to the curriculum
  • Fully-qualified staff to assist with homework during study hours

Why choose Curro Academy Mahikeng boarding school?

  • Two learners per room (Grades 10 to 12)
  • Comfortable study areas
  • Laundry and housekeeping facilities
  • Daily tuck shop facilities
  • Fun activities every weekend
  • Surveillance 24/7: CCTV cameras, security guards and beams
  • Pastoral assistance to the learners
  • Hygienic dining facilities
  • Balanced menu, approved by a dietician
  • Relaxed and homely atmosphere
  • Wi-Fi
  • Annual weekend boarding school camp
  • Many boarding school learners are under the top 10 academic achievers

Boarding parents or supervisors
Each grade has their own well-experienced boarding school assistants (boys and girls separately) who have the appropriate skills to work with the specific age group and gender. At Curro Academy Mahikeng boarding school we want every learner to achieve their dreams. We succeed as a boarding family by respecting one another and by being honest. We work hard to achieve good results and when we play, we play hard! We love and support each other and ensure that no learner feels left out.

Frequently asked questions
Where is the nearest medical facility? We make use of Victoria Private Hospital, which is situated close to the school, for any emergency.

How do leave arrangements and visits work? When a learner wishes to leave, the parents must download the release form from our website. The release form must be filled in and emailed to the boarding school manager.

Visiting hours are every day from 16:00 – 17:30.
Is theft an issue and how is it dealt with? Theft is a minor issue. All learners have lockers which must always be locked. We also have security cameras installed.

Who monitors my child’s progress? Every child is important, especially with regards to their academic work. We have enough study hours for every child. Three fully qualified teachers and six assistants are available during every study session. Third-year students also help the learners during study sessions. Our staff members are willing to assist any learner during leisure time.

Will my child make friends easily? We are one family at Curro Academy Mahikeng and we care for one another. The prefects assist new learners in becoming part of our family as quickly as possible.

Do boys and girls have separate facilities? Yes, boys and girls are accommodated in eight separate facilities – two learners per room (Grades 10 to 12) and 32 learners per dormitory (Grades 4 to 9).

What is your response to bullying? No bullying is allowed. Bullying is a very serious offence and every issue is handled immediately by the boarding school manager, supervisors and assistants.

How do boarders occupy themselves over weekends? Our boarding school has a lot of activities. Every Saturday we have extra planned activities for each grade. Every Sunday there’s a church service for learners who want to attend.

What kind of food is served to the boarders? We make use of an outsourced company, CSG Foods. They provide wholesome, healthy meals.

How do parents communicate with their child? Cellphones are allowed and parents can communicate with their children during free time. If a learner does not have a cellphone, parents can call the boarding school to communicate with staff and their children. Parents can communicate with the boarding school manager directly via email or cellphone. Parents have the freedom to contact the boarding school to discuss any matter which concerns them and the boarding school manager will ensure that every problem, question or query gets the necessary attention.

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