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Online school

Windhoek Gymnasium Online school

At Windhoek Gymnasium, we have launched a dedicated online school option for learners from Grade 4 to Grade 12. Rather than attend physical classes, learners can learn from home through online lessons and online or physical learning materials – with no need for parents to teach. They can be in touch with their teachers regularly, and all examinations will still be written at school, although continuous assessment may occur online. In addition, the nature of our online school allows for more affordable school fees.


How does online learning work?

All online lessons are recorded by our highly-dedicated teachers and uploaded at the start of each week. Learners then work through the lessons and prescribed material at their own pace within that week, and reach out to their teachers with questions. For three days each month, learners have face-to-face sessions at the school to allow for a thorough, intense revision of the work they had covered online. These sessions are also used for experiments or practical tasks in subjects such as Science and Robotics, and create the opportunity for learners to socialise and interact with their peers.

How will assessments be written?

Continuous assessments may occur online, but examinations and quarterly assessments are still written under controlled conditions at the school. Practical-based group activities and experiments are done during face-to-face sessions which take place across three days each month at the school.

Is it different from home-schooling?

As a Curro Select school, our online school is vastly different from home-schooling, as parents are not responsible for teaching or continuous supervision. As we follow an affordable learn-from-home online model, parents assume the same, smaller parental-supervisory role they would normally fill (e.g. checking that learners have done their homework).

Who is online learning meant for?

Any learner living in Namibia or another SADC country may register at our online school. Learners don’t need any prior association with our school, although current learners may decide to switch to our online school.

View our fact sheet for more information.

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