Boarding School from Grades 4 to 12

Why choose Meridian Karino?

  • We offer a combined school for children from 3 years to Grade 12
  • Qualified and dedicated teachers provide 21st-century education to all learners who attend our school
  • We aim to stimulate and motivate learners to receive and enjoy quality education, develop the necessary life skills and respect for diversity to guide them towards responsible adulthood, enabling them to take their rightful place in society
  • From 3 years to Grade RR we provide a sound and safe environment where each child is extended and growth is encouraged academically, socially, emotionally,

physically and spiritually

  • In the primary and high schools the focus is on academic excellence, with an emphasis on preparation for tertiary education
  • A disciplined, safe and stable environment is offered and a culture of excellence in the classroom is supported by a well-managed curriculum and committed teachers
  • Our schools offer extended school hours to provide academic support
  • Along with the core values, Meridian Karino will teach learners the values of respect, manners, hard work and commitment, honesty and integrity, promoting a sense of self-worth, potential and self-value


Why choose Meridian Karino boarding school?

  • Three wholesome meals per day
  • Laundry facilities and tuck shop
  • Welcoming environment with more contact time with teachers
  • Two learners per room
  • An annual boarding school outing

Boarding parents or supervisors
We have a mixture of full-time boarding school assistants and teachers. They have more than four years’ experience of looking after boarders. There is a boarding school manager who oversees all staff. There is a boarding staff member on each floor. Female staff look after the female learners and male staff look after the male learners. The staff are available to mentor and assist all learners and plan town trips to replenish any supplies that they might be short of.

Frequently asked questions
Where is the nearest medical facility?
The Mediclinic is 18 km from the school and Kiaat Private Hospital is 24 km from the school.

How do leave arrangements and visits work?
The boarding is closed during school holidays and one weekend per term.

Is theft an issue and how is it dealt with?
We recommend all valuable items are left at home, cellphones are the learners’ responsibility and must always be locked away when not in use. School phones are available for the learners to use.

Who monitors my child’s progress?
The teachers are responsible for the academic aspect, while the boarding school manager is responsible for ensuring that the learner gets taken to the doctor, should they get sick, and informing the parent of any disciplinary issues that may arise.

Will my child make friends easily?
It is easy for the children to make friends as they are grouped according to their grades in the different boarding passages, making it easy to find their peers.

Do boys and girls have separate facilities?
The boys and girls are accommodated in separate boarding blocks.

What is your response to bullying?
The boarding school manager, together with the relevant staff members, address the affected learners and contact their parents if necessary.

What happens if my child is homesick?
Parents get to take their children home as frequently as they deem fit (on weekends). There is only one compulsory weekend out per term. Learners are allowed to call their parents should this affect them to the extent that they are emotionally withdrawn from the other learners.

How do boarders occupy themselves over weekends?
The learners either take part in sports or cultural activities. The boarding leaders have a termly preapproved activity plan that they also run.

What kind of food is served to the boarders?
The children receive a balanced meal that is prepared by our catering company, The Campus Group. A list of the children’s allergies is submitted to the kitchen to ensure that they prepare the correct food for the learners.

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