Intermediate phase culture

Cultural activities offered:

  • Marimba band  
  • Senior choir 
  • Eisteddfod  
  • Drama  
  • Public speaking 
  • Art club 
  • ATKV  
  • SATCH  
  • Curro Cuesta

Intermediate phase: Grades 4 to 7

Curro Nelspruit wishes to develop holistic learners who can participate in all facets of life. For this reason, we have included art, music and drama in our everyday curriculum. Two lessons a week are dedicated to creative enrichment through learning different artistic skills, while music and drama are introduced through a weekly lesson. Learners who display an interest in these fields can further their learning by participating in private lessons or the relevant cultural clubs provided by the school.

Other activities offered by private tutors/coaches held on Curro Nelspruit premises: 

  • Drama  
  • Piano lessons  
  • Violin lessons  
  • Robotics club