Boarding School from Grades R to 12

Why choose Northern Academy?

  • Exceptional, experienced and fully-qualified staff
  • Extensive extramural programme
  • Received the top NSC independent school in Limpopo award for the past three years
  • Good school discipline
  • Learners achieve success at universities

 Why choose Northern Academy boarding school?

  • No more than four boarders per room
  • Comfortable learning areas
  • Laundry and housekeeping facilities
  • Fun activities every second weekend

Boarding parents or supervisors
Grades R to 12 girls and boys each have their own, well-experienced boarding school assistant who has the appropriate ability to work with the specific age group. The juniors go to bed at 20:00 as they need to get enough rest for the following academic day. The Grades 11 and 12 learners have longer study sessions at night to facilitate the academic demand.

At Northern Academy we strive to continually improve the facilities in order to ensure a better home-away-from-home experience.

Frequently asked questions
Where is the nearest medical facility?
Netcare hospital is 2 km away and we have two 24/7 doctor’s rooms available to learners via school transport.

How do leave arrangements and visits work?
We have two compulsory home weekends per term. Learners may go home any other weekend, on arrangement. Parents are welcome to visit every day up to 18:00.

Is theft an issue and how is it dealt with?
This is very minor. All learners receive lockers to lock all valuables away.

Who monitors my child’s progress?
Teachers from the school monitor academic progress and the boarding parents will monitor the emotional well-being of the learners.

Will my child make friends easily?
Yes, we manage the induction process when new learners join us to ensure friendships are made.

Do boys and girls have separate facilities?
Yes, all boarding houses are separate for either boys or girls.

What is your response to bullying?
We don’t tolerate bullying at school or in the boarding facilities. Each case is dealt with individually.

What happens if my child is homesick?
We will comfort the learner and support him/her emotionally. Learners can make contact with parents daily and parents are welcome to visit when they are able to.

How do boarders occupy themselves over weekends?
We encourage sports activities and have entertainment rooms at both the boys’ and girls’ boarding facilities.

What kind of food is served to the boarders?
Balanced meals are planned for the children.

How do parents communicate with their child?
Via the school or directly with the child, if they have a cellphone.

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