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Curro Serengeti – Schools That Rock talk to Lethulwazi Ngwenya

It is a priviledge for Schools That Rock to ask a few questions to Lethulwazi Ngwenya, Head Boy of 2022, from Curro Serengeti, Kempton Park, Gauteng.

Lethulwazi, how do you see your role as head leader of Curro Serengeti?

I see my role as a head leader as a way in which I can help my fellow peers and grow the school for the better. Always striving for excellence.

Do you think the measures taken by the government in respect of Covid-19 for schools are justified?

Yes, I do think the measures taken by the government are justified.

Who do you look to for inspiration and mentorship?

An internal source of inspiration for me is my mother and an external source is Vusi Thembekwayo.

Which field of study do you intend pursuing after school?

Actuarial Science.

Do you think participation in sport should be made compulsory in schools?

No, it should not. Whilst it is a great way of building self-esteem, there are other extra mural adtivities preferred by learners.

Do you think that South African schools offer you sufficient opportunities for the field of study you intend to pursue?

Not necessarily. Schools just provide a basic understanding and framework for certain fields. This framework can only provide learners with a basic foundation.

What did you enjoy most during your school career?

Participating in sport along with cultural events.

Are you 100% sure of the field of study you contemplate pursuing after school? Please explain your answer.
No, I am not. I am still in the process of searching whether or not this is the career for me.
Which University would you like to attend ?

The Univercity of Cape Town


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