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Curro Sitari learners perform Shakespeare in Artscape Theatre Centre

On Wednesday, 19 May 2021, a bunch of very excited Curro Sitari learners headed for the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town to perform ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ in the 2021 Shakespeare Festival. Months of rehearsals and delays were culminating in a performance under the lights of the Artscape Theatre. It was a wonderful day of using the dressing rooms normally assigned to stars of the theatre, moving around back stage, learning what a technical and dress rehearsal are.  The learners outdid themselves on the stage and really did the school proud with their final performance.

It was wonderful to see them settle into their roles, put their own spin on their character and work together to resolve adjustments that had to be made at the last minute.  The talent and adaptability of our learners is phenomenal. They really were a team who worked together to produce a wonderful performance.  Thank you to the cast and the back stage crew for pulling off a professional and entertaining performance.