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Summer Fun Friday – The sun shining down on Curro Castle Aurora

Summer Fun Friday. The sun has been shining down on Curro Castle Aurora, Randburg, and what better way to celebrate this hot weather was to have a Summer Fun Friday!

Left: Matthew Mangold and Alex Bezuidenhout. Right: Joshua White. 


All the learners arrived at school wearing their swimming costumes, sun hats and lathered in sunblock. The dedicated teachers set the scene for the learner’s morning arrival with giant painted palm trees, sunglasses and a jiving summer playlist. The little children danced their way into school to find splash pools, water slides, bubble troughs and more.

Left: Thabisa Mbuya. Right: James Rheinicke.


The nursery school staff are always thinking out the box to create a love for school and learning! When observing the children from aside, it was wonderful to see the social development as learners were sharing, taking turns and encouraging each other down the slide. Their little bodies kept moving, while they were dodging sprinklers, jumping in puddles and keeping their eye on the volleyball – all aspects of physical development. So many fundamental skills were enhanced while having fun.

Just what a nursery school should be, FUN while LEARNING!


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