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Mr and Miss Curro Heuwelkruin crowned

With the theme, It is a Jungle Out There, the finalists each performed a talent item to introduce themselves.

Each group had two community projects to complete and then there were two projects all 12 finalists had to work on. The combined projects were grocery collection for Meals on Wheels and care parcels for healthcare workers.

The 12 contestants were divided into three groups, each receiving a virtue to represent.

The first virtue, patience, was presented by Patricia Monyawa, Ramon Tamayo, Wilmerie Pretorius and Dale Ewart. Their projects included the SPCA and a drive where they collected clothes and household items for residents of Ivydale Shelter.

The second group to introduce their projects had kindness as a virtue. This group consisted of Kwena Mokgohoa, Kagiso Malebana, Athang Phooka and Queen Mapheto.

With kindness in mind, they visited Energy FM to spread awareness of the Mr and Miss Curro Heuwelkruin competition as well as Crazy Socks for Docs Day. The aim of this day was to encourage conversation about mental health and help reduce the stigma about doctors experiencing mental illness. The money was used to put together small care parcels for doctors.

They also raised money to buy school uniforms for Masobe High School in Ga-Mothapo. Last up with integrity as virtue were CJ Smith, Kega Mohlala, Faith Kgoale and Miguel Pereira. This group decided to collect toothbrushes and toothpaste with floss to hand over to Centenary House and to paint the outside play area and sandpit at Ngwana Baby House.

The judges, who had the difficult task of deciding who the winners should be, were Philip Schoeman, Tabang Matladi and Katryn Celliers.

After the finalists modelled their formal wear, the winners were announced.

Watch the videos of the night here:

Finalists on the stage.

Finalist: Patricia Monyawa

Finalist: Ramon Tamayo

Finalist: Wilmerie Pretorius

Finalist: Dale Ewart

Finalist: Kwena Mokgohoa

Finalist: Kagiso Malebana

Finalist: Queen Mapheto

Finalist: Athang Phooka

Finalist: Faith Kgoale

Finalist: Kega Mohlala

Finalist: CJ Smith

Finalist: Miguel Pereira