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Free coding and robotics boot camps for learners from any schools

Curro has announced that it will be hosting free coding and robotics boot camps at four of its schools in Gauteng and the Western Cape, which will be open to Grade 7 learners from any school.

The two-day course will include teachers guiding participants in introductory lessons on how to build robotic kits, engage with drones, and code algorithms.

The sessions will take place at Curro Foreshore and Curro Delft in the Western Cape. In Gauteng, they will take place in Curro Jewel City and Curro New Road.

Each school will host its boot camps from 1 to 2 October.

Grade 7 learners from any school can join for free — they just need to register to attend. Learners can also receive certificates and prizes from the sessions.

According to the independent school network, the initiative aims to promote the important subset of skills that coding and robotics can help teach.

“Our boot camps are being run so as to make a difference in our communities, and to give every Grade 7 an opportunity to attend,” JP Le Roux, Executive Head at Curro Foreshore, said in a statement.

“It is essential for our next generation of leaders to have these critical new skillsets and develop their mindsets to be ‘future ready’.”

How to register for the Curro robotics and coding boot camps

Since space is limited, participants will need to make a booking to attend.

You can register using the dedicated forms, or contact the specific school via telephone or email.

You can see each school’s detail’s below:

  • Curro Delft: Registration form. Phone: 087 087 7700. Email:
  • Curro Foreshore: Registration form. Phone: 087 087 7597. Email:
  • Curro New Road: Registration form. Phone: 087 087 7600. Email:
  • Curro Jewel City: Registration form. Phone: 087 087 7960 / 062 139 3881. Email:

Learners do not need previous coding or robotics experience to attend.