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Nursery school

Home away from home

At St Dominics Newcastle, our nursery school provides a safe, nurturing environment where children from 12 months to 5 years are cared for and engaged in play-based developmental activities. The classes are divided by age groups and each class has one or more assistants depending on the number of children. Our classrooms are designed to encourage educational curiosity, while our playgrounds are equipped with play structures that inspire physical development through movement and play.

We create an environment of opportunity where the child learns general knowledge, the right attitudes, ethical and moral principles. To find out what activities we have on offer, contact the school or view our fact sheet.


Early Learning and Development Areas

Our internally developed programme is designed with the Early Learning and Development Areas (ELDAs) in mind. The programme is designed to stimulate physical, social, emotional and cognitive well-being through developmental activities and engaging play areas. These ELDAs focus on aspects such as gross motor development, social awareness, communication, spatial awareness and art.

The development of curiosity and imagination in early childhood is vitally important to the development of problem-solving skills and critical thinking later on. Therefore, we encourage playing with loose-parts and multi-purpose playthings, rather than single-purpose toys that don’t involve much imagination. Through loose-parts play, children use their natural curiosity to explore previously undiscovered fascinations such as stacking, rolling, sliding, fitting, colours, and more. The curriculum even includes Lego Education learning concepts and the activities built around large soft bricks form the important early foundations for later Robotics studies.


View more on St Dominics Newcastle’s nursery school offering on our fact sheet.




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