Our history

A short history of Grantleigh

Grantleigh was founded by Fred and Renette Grant on their farm at Mposa in 1996. Recognising the need for good education in the area, their intention was to develop a primary school with a rounded and balanced educational ethos.

This was an exciting phase of planning. A school name was chosen, the loerie emblem was selected and decisions were made on colours for a school uniform, etc. Most importantly, an educator was recruited. Showing amazing courage, Mrs Lizl Swanepoel gave up a teaching position at Kwambonambi to teach at Grantleigh.

On 21 January 1997 Grantleigh opened its doors for the first time to 16 preschoolers and 5 ‘civvies-clad’ Grade 1 and 2 boys. Teaching took place on the Grants’ veranda and in their TV room with swimming lessons in the family pool and cricket lessons on the tennis court.

Interest in Grantleigh was instantaneous and new learners continued to join the school. At the same time playing fields were levelled and construction began on school buildings.

When the school opened in January 1998 there were 123 learners all accommodated in new classrooms. A strong contingent of Richards Bay learners enrolled during the same year and with them the bus transport system evolved at Grantleigh. In 1998 more classrooms were built as well as the swimming pool.

Grantleigh was intended to be a primary school, however, pressure from parents resulted in a decision being taken to phase in a secondary school component in 1999.

In 1999 there were 285 learners enrolled including the first Grade 8 class. This group of learners ultimately became Grantleighs’ first matric class and they paved the way bringing honour to themselves and the school. It was during this year that the first headmaster, Mr Peter Terry-Lloyd, the past headmaster of John Ross College in Richards Bay, was appointed to take the reins of this rapidly expanding school.

After two years the much-loved Mr Terry-Lloyd retired from years of service in the teaching profession after having made a significant contribution to Grantleigh. Mr Laurie Beadon, previously from St Dominques in Welkom, was appointed as his successor.

The school continued to grow with each year and with it the bus fleet providing transport to communities to the north and south of Grantleigh.

A historic year was 2003, because for the first time Grantleigh had learners ranging from Grade R through to Grade 12. The first headboy and headgirl, Greg Rhebok and Tamaryn Whittal respectively, were appointed along with a team of prefects. This was also the year that the Grantleigh Parents Association came into being under the leadership of Rev. Dudley Anderson.

April 2006 saw the departure of Mr Laurie Beadon after five years of dedicated service to Grantleigh.   His successor, Mr Shaun McMurtry, joined the school from Michaelhouse in January 2007.

Negotiations with Curro Independent Schools during the course of 2013 culminated in Grantleigh Schools joining the Curro group as one of its Select schools, with effect from January 2014 and with Mr Shaun McMurtry taking on the role of Executive Head. The school has retained its name and branding of Grantleigh Schools and exciting development and construction plans began during the course of May 2014 and are continuing to date.

Mr Andrew Norris was welcomed to the school in January 2017 as the new Executive Head.