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As a school based on Christian values (ethics and morals), we express the biblical principle of loving thy neighbour by improving the lives of less-fortunate members of our community. Therefore, our school’s various phases host a variety of outreach programmes during the year and learners are actively involved in the projects.


Primary school outreach involvement

Learners in primary school generally support outreach programmes by collecting items for a particular cause, thereby introducing them to the concept of helping the community and preparing them for taking on a greater role in high school.

They collect items for programmes such as:

  • Winter Warmth and Toy Story
  • Pennies from Heaven
  • SPCA

They also collect stationery for previously disadvantaged schools as well as non-perishable foods for Zimbabwean pensioners.


High school outreach involvement

Our high school’s Community Partnership Portfolio drives outreach programmes whereby learners are actively involved in all phases of the programme. They offer financial support to a number of orphanages or children’s homes, provide help to our own school community and host Easter-egg drives for less privileged learners in surround schools.

Learners also actively support programmes in the following ways:

  • Support Walk for Life
  • Collect stationery and books for less privileged schools
  • Offer time and assistance to the SPCA
  • Participate in Winter Warmth and Toy Story
  • Santa Shoebox Project


For information on upcoming outreach programmes, please contact us.

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