Learner support

Primary School
The Discovery Centre is based on our primary school campus and is a support centre offering support by way of remediation and extension of learners as well as staff support. The learners are taken for their relevant lessons on a ‘pull-out’ system. This means that they attend their therapy session during the school day for around 30 minutes and then return to class.

Close communication takes place between the staff, therapists and the Discovery head. We work with learners from Grade 000 to Grade 7. Counselling, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, remedial English and Maths and extension English is offered through the centre. 

Weekly meetings with the team and the educator concerned are held throughout the year. Each class is discussed thoroughly on a regular basis with the TAT team. 

Standardised tests in spelling, reading and maths are conducted annually and recorded by the Discovery team. Thus the progress of each learner in the school is closely monitored.  

Services offered are: 

  • Speech & Language therapy
  • Occupational Therapy (SI qualified OTs)
  • Remedial therapy
  • Counselling and play therapy
  • Reading support (Reading Optics programme)
  • Extension programme