High school culture

Cultural activities offered:

  • Choir 
  • A cappella choir 
  • Marimba 
  • Drama 
  • Photography club 
  • Art club 
  • Dance 
  • Public speaking 
  • Debating 
  • Toastmasters

High school: Grades 8 to 12

Culture is alive and well at Curro Hillcrest! Learners are encouraged to join us on trips to the theatre and attend local school plays which are rewarding and fun experiences. Talented musical groups provide entertainment along with the drama department who encourage participation in interhouse plays and Centre Stage, our annual showcase of high school talent. A ‘Midsummer Week’ has been introduced into the Grade 8 year where each English class performs a rendition of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream during a supper theatre. 


The music rooms at Curro Hillcrest Christian Academy and Curro Hillcrest are a constant hub of vibrant activity! Music is offered throughout the curriculum from preschool to high school level. The focus of the music department is to instil a love, joy and understanding of music through hands-on experience, with class lessons incorporating practical and theoretical instrument tuition in percussion, recorder, violin, guitar, marimba as well as vocal. 

The learners are allowed the opportunity to showcase their work at various school functions and assemblies throughout the year. 

The music school continues to develop, and if sufficient interest is shown in additional instruments, a suitable tutor will be sought.  

Learners are given the opportunity to enter eisteddfods and examinations through the internationally recognised Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music, as well as Trinity College. Our learners continue to achieve impressive results through these organisations. 

There is also a school colours awards programme in place for music students. 


All learners attend specialised art lessons in our art studio. Painting, printing, drawing, hammering, drilling, moulding, engraving, designing, experimenting, weaving and threading are some of our activities in the studio. 

Our art and culture department has their own blog where parents can see what exciting projects their children have been working on during the term.  


The drama department offers learners an opportunity to explore the performing arts in a safe space. Drama skills and performance techniques, as well as dance, are covered during lessons, with a focus on self-expression and enjoyment. 

Centre Stage productions where all learners participate in the preparation, presentation and delivery of a high-school production

Other activities offered by private tutors/coaches held on Curro Hillcrest premises: 

  • Piano 
  • Violin 
  • Contemporary vocal 
  • Classical vocal 
  • Guitar 
  • Clarinet 
  • Saxophone 
  • Music theory