School uniform

The school uniform at all Curro schools is governed by a basic dress code, with each school making slight adjustments. Learners from Grade 1 to Grade 12 wear a formal school uniform.

Depending on your circumstances, it is recommended that you purchase at least two sets of uniform per learner.

Sports clothes 
It is recommended that you purchase only one pair of blue shorts and a sports shirt until the learner decides what sport to play. For sports specific uniform requirements visit MyHub. 

Additional Information 
Where and how to purchase the Curro school uniform and Curro sports clothes 
All school uniforms and sports clothes, except shoes, are available through MyHub. 

  • Once you have received your FAMILY CODE from Curro, you will be able to register on MyHub using the login details as supplied by Curro. 
  • Once you have completed the registration process, please WAIT for an email with your username and password. 
  • Sign into MyHub using your username and password that you have just received. 
  • Select SHOP and proceed to the online store. 
  • Add the required items to your cart, check out and pay. 
  • Expect delivery of your order at your nominated address within four working days. Deliveries are done from Mondays to Fridays, between 08:00 and 17:00. 

Kindly note: You will only need to register once on MyHub. 

To establish the correct sizes, the following will be/are available: 

  • A concept lounge is available at the school where you are able to fit and measure uniform items. You can place your order from the concept lounge, or alternatively place the order from home. 
  • An accurate online measuring system, enabling you to order the correct uniform. 

It is recommended that you buy the school uniform well in advance. 

Dress code and appearance policy 

The uniform requirements for learners will be available from reception. Learners are expected to abide by the dress code at all times. 


  • Conventional school haircut. Hair is not permitted to touch either the ears or collar. 
  • The use of gel or any other hair product used to ‘shape’ the hair is strictly forbidden. 
  • Boys are not permitted to shave, highlight or dye their hair. 
  • Boys must remain clean shaven at all times. 
  • The wearing of jewellery or any form of body piercing is prohibited. 


  • No rolling of skirts is allowed. Skirts must sit no higher than 5 cm above the knee. 
  • Proper underwear must be worn and no bikini tops or costumes are allowed under uniforms. 
  • Only black or white hair bands and clips are allowed to be worn in the hair – no brown or navy. If hair touches the collar, it must be tied. No hair is permitted to be in the face and all hair must be clipped away. No highlights, lowlights or dyeing of hair is acceptable. 
  • No loop, teardrop or any other form of hanging earring is allowed. Only small round studs may be worn. A single earring only is permitted to be worn in the earlobe. Any other form of religious jewellery must be accepted by the executive head following a letter from parents. There should be no piercings/earrings anywhere else on the body. 
  • No make-up is allowed. This includes foundation, mascara, etc., as well as coloured lip gloss. Only colourless lip-ice is allowed. (Make-up remover will be kept on campus and offenders will receive detention.) 
  • No tattoos or any other form of permanent make-up is allowed. 
  • Nails must be short. Nail polish, nail varnish and French manicures are prohibited. 


  • Long khaki trousers (all grades) or short khaki Bermudas (all grades) 
  • Long-sleeved or short-sleeved boy's gingham shirt (all grades) 
  • Curro belt (all grades) 
  • Blue jersey (all grades) or blue fleece top (all grades) or Curro blazer (high school) 
  • Short navy school socks (all grades) 
  • Black school shoes (all grades) or black school-appropriate sandals (only with Bermudas – primary school)


  • Dark blue slacks (all grades) or dark blue skirt (all grades) or dark blue skorts (primary school) 
  • Long-sleeved or short-sleeved girl's gingham shirt (all grades) 
  • Blue jersey (all grades) or blue fleece top (all grades) or Curro blazer (high school) 
  • Short navy school socks (all grades) 
  • Black school shoes (all grades) or black school-appropriate sandals (only with skirts or skorts – primary school)