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School facilities

Our beautiful school has the following available:

  • Classrooms are equipped with whiteboards, projectors and laptops. 
  • Each classroom is air conditioned to cater for the humid Durban conditions. 
  • A well-resourced primary school media centre. 
  • Computer lab. 

    Tuckshop facilities 
  • Primary school tuck shop is open at first break (09:30 – 10:10) and second break (12:10 – 12:35) 
  • High school tuck shop is open at first break (10:10 - 10:30) and second break (12:20 – 12:45). 

Aftercare facilities  

Grade 1 to Grade 2:Homework club for the aftercare learners begins at 13:30. All parents with children in the senior phase will be allowed to leave their foundation phase (Grade 1 to Grade 3) child at school until 14:00. Their children will be accommodated in a separate classroom. 

Grade 3 to Grade 7:Aftercare commences at 14:15. As with the foundation phase, learners with siblings in the high school will be permitted to stay at school until 14:35.  

Please ensure that non-aftercare learners who are involved in extramural activities are fetched within 15 minutes of their particular activity ending. 

Please note that due to the increased volume in aftercare numbers there will be no homework club for learners who are not enrolled in the aftercare programme. 

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