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Code of conduct

School discipline 
The code of conduct at Curro Heritage House is aimed at establishing and maintaining respect for the ethos and values of the school. The code serves to create a set of guidelines for acceptable behaviour, as well as punishments that may be implemented if the code is violated in any way. It should be kept in mind that although the code is comprehensive in its structure and content, each individual punishment will be assessed in the light of the transgression committed. Learners at the school are expected to be familiar with the code and are required to maintain strict obedience to the rules it contains. Changes to the code may be made at the discretion of the school and learners will be notified immediately should such alterations be enforced. 

School ethos
Empathy for the community and a reverence for the past are rooted in the school. Values such as honour, loyalty, tolerance and respect are constantly supported and encouraged in all learners. The school has been established on a set of shared values upon which all policies and actions are based. For Curro Heritage House and its staff, the future means a series of challenges charged with innovation and a constant striving to achieve and maintain excellence. 


  • Learners should always strive to maintain the ethos of the school by behaving in a respectful and dignified manner. 
  • Learners should always remain helpful, polite and considerate of other people's needs. 
  • Racist and sexist comments, abusive language, violent behaviour, bullying and vandalism are not permitted at the college and will be severely dealt with. 
  • Learners are not permitted to tamper with, damage or deface property belonging to other learners or the school. 
  • Learners are expected to greet staff and visitors to the school. 
  • The school environment should be respected, cleaned, cared for and protected by all learners. 
  • Learners should always abide by the dress code of the school and wear their uniform with pride. 
  • Learners are encouraged to assist with the discipline of the school and should report any incidents or transgressions committed. 
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