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Early drop-off and aftercare

We accommodate working parents by allowing children to be dropped off early in the morning (from 07:15). To ensure our children’s safety, they remain in class – or at aftercare – until they are picked up. Our aftercare service is available at an additional cost, as stated on our fees letter. Children are accommodated in safe classrooms and playgrounds, and the fees include a healthy lunch and a snack.

Contact us for more information on the holiday programme.


Outdoor play areas

Our outdoor play areas include jungle gyms, synthetic grass, shaded areas, a sand pit and more. These areas are designed to encourage physical play, and generally have synthetic grass to prevent allergic reactions. Children are taken outside to play on days with moderate weather conditions to prevent excessive cold or sunburn. Additional safety measures are taken on sunny days; these will be discussed with parents after enrolment.


On-site kitchen

Curro Castle Heritage House’s on-site kitchen is fully equipped to prepare well-balanced, wholesome meals and snacks for children in all age groups. All meals are prepared with fresh ingredients just before being delivered to the classrooms and we carefully accommodate allergies and other dietary requirements.

For information on how our teachers store and prepare frozen breastmilk or powdered formula, please contact us to speak to a teacher.


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