BABIES (Group 2) 


  • We make use of disposable nappies, which the parents must provide. Depending on the age of your little one, there should be four to six nappies in your child’s bag on a daily basis. 

 Bottles and dummies  

  • Empty bottles will be sent home after school every day. Please ensure that these bottles are thoroughly sterilised.  
  • If your baby prefers a dummy, it must be attached to a dummy chain.  
  • It is very important that all the above-mentioned articles should be clearly marked. 

Clothing, necessities and other possessions 

Every child must have an eco kidz bag, with the following items that are to be packed for your child each day: 

  • At least two sets of clean clothing 
  • A plastic bag for dirty clothes 
  • Two sterilised bottles with milk or water
  • Four disposable nappies 

Please be sure to mark every item clearly! 

Groups 3 to Grade R

Clothing, necessities and other possessions 

Each child's eco kidz bag should contain the following daily and should be marked clearly: 

  • One full set of clean clothes 
  • A plastic bag