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School policies


It is the policy of Curro Holdings Ltd to allow schools under its management to develop policies, rules and procedures applicable to each specific school, within the guidelines of Curro Holdings Ltd's own policies and procedures, as well as the applicable laws governing education in South Africa.

Curro Holdings Ltd school policies are applicable to all schools managed by Curro Holdings Ltd and are listed below.

Policies, procedures and rules applicable to specific schools are available on each specific school's webpage. These can be accessed by selecting the SCHOOLS tab in the menu at the top of this page.

Curro Holdings Ltd reserves the right to amend its policies.

Curro Holdings Ltd school policies supersede any policies, procedures and rules developed by individual schools.

Curro Holdings Ltd school policies are recorded in English. 

CURH12PO - Code of Conduct

CURH16PO - Dress Code

CURC08PO - Fees Policy

CURC09PO - Debtor Management

CURH10PO - Learner Profile Policy

CURH17PO - Learner Personal Information