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Curro Tennis is a dynamic programme that develops the skills of tennis enthusiasts attending schools in the Curro group. We help learners – even learners not enrolled at our schools – with inherent talent to grow into well-rounded players that are technically, tactically, and emotionally ready for competitive play. Our learners often proceed to compete at national and international level.


What we do

As part of the Curro group, we develop the technical, tactical, and emotional readiness of learners who show particular aptitude for tennis at schools across the country. We also help new or experienced coaches to up their game and continually excel to new levels of coaching. Our coaches take a player-specific approach in order to ensure that each athlete receives the guidance they need to succeed. Furthermore, we host events at participating schools where all our athletes can test their skills against their peers and our learners even succeed to participate in ITF (International Tennis Federation) and TSA (Tennis South Africa) events. Our academy is open even to learners not enrolled at Curro schools.


Our locations

We have training locations at 20 Curro schools across Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, and Western Cape, with a dedicated, high-skilled coach at each school. Each coach brings their own unique skills and coaching styles to the court. Our high-performance centres based at specific schools drive cutting-edge coaching and development techniques, which helps to ensure that our athletes are at the forefront of the sport. We also continually build new tennis facilities at our schools, or improve existing facilities according to world class standards.


Learner success stories

Luc Koenig from Curro Hillcrest first picked up a tennis racket when he was just 3 years old. His father, a former high-ranking tennis player himself, drove Luc’s passion on and off court and helped him maintain a healthy state of mind. He joined Curro Tennis at the tender age of 7 and made junior tournament finals and nationals at only 16-years-old. The COVID-19 pandemic posed some challenges in keeping his momentum but he persevered and this year starts playing in senior tournaments.

Discover Luc’s story in his own words in this snippet from BreakPoint Show.


Lloyd Harris was one of the first learners to join the academy. His passion for tennis as a predominantly singles player has led him to compete in the Grand Slam US open (2018, 2019), French Open (2019) and Wimbledon Championships (2019). One of his all-time achievements is beating Rafael Nadal in Washington in just 3 sets, resulting in him placing 49th in the top 50 world players.

Watch the moment when Lloyd Harris (wearing yellow) beat world champion Rafael Nadal in just four sets. Skip ahead to minute 03:00.

Kaitlyn Ramduth from Curro Hillcrest watched Maria Sharapova play on television, and felt so inspired that she fell in love with the sport after playing just once as a child of 6. Her mother supported her by attending every lesson, every tournament, and encouraging her every step of the way. Kaitlyn participated in the African Junior Teams Championships in Egypt during June 2022, after representing South Africa in Zimbabwe earlier the year. Thereafter, her next challenge would be playing in the Tennis South Africa Junior International tournaments hosted by the school. She enjoys frequent online group lessons with our coaches during which they motivate the team with drills, videos, and specific weekly exercises as homework.

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