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Learning amid COVID-19

At Curro, our schools are uniquely equipped to switch to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our schools use tablets in class during the school year, which means that learners were already familiar with the applications we used to switch to quality online education through remote learning when the pandemic and subsequent lockdown struck. This allowed our schools to continue with the regular academic year while our learners learn from home. 


How does remote learning work? 

The regular lesson schedule generally continues, but classes take place through live lessons with teachers rather than in-person classes at schoolLearners use their Office 365 log-in details – provided by Curro – to attend classes, and access their learning material in their textbooks or e-books as they would usually do so while using tablets in class. Teachers work through the material during the lessons and provide links to additional explanatory material or exercises to complete. 


What about families without internet access? 

During the initial 'hard' lockdown, Curro learners switched to online learning within days and were able to continue getting quality online education and learn from home. There are some families, however, who do not have stable internet access or the technology to accommodate live lessons. Our schools provide these families with work packs that include the learning material, assignments, additional exercises and other material they might need to learn from home. Learners who use tablets in class can access their learning material offline, but may need to find an internet connection to access newly uploaded exercises or quizzes when necessary. 


Curro Online 

Curro launched an exclusively online school where learners follow an online learning programme through live lessons with teachers. This modern online approach and small class sizes provide learners with an inherent sense of independence and responsibility, while preparing them for the workplace of the future through quality online education.


Want to know more? 

  • Visit Curro Online’s webpage to see how your child can learn from home. 
  • Find out how our extended subject choice, empowers our learners to take additional eighth subjects through online learning – without changing schools or disrupting their extramural programmes.