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Sport values

PRIDE values of the WHC athlete 

Proudly Woodhill 

  • All efforts are directed at the betterment of the college, not themselves 
  • All learners are proud of the 16-year history and traditions of sport at the college and take care of the equipment and facilities 
  • They behave like proud athletes of WHC 

Respect for 

  • All players, coaches, and officials – regardless of school, race, creed or ability 
  • Rules and traditions of the sport 
  • Decisions made by educators, coaches and officials regarding selection and results 
  • Doctors’ or medical officials’ decisions and advice 

Integrity and honesty 

  • Honesty at all times, playing with integrity 
  • Loyalty to the school and the team 
  • Appreciation for good performance, time spent by coaches, officials and all role players to make sport possible 

Discipline and responsibility 

  • Woodhill athletes do the correct thing even when people are not looking 
  • They make good decisions regarding their own well-being and that of team members  
  • They are disciplined to do hard work and team work  
  • They realise the responsibility to the college team to be at practice and competitions 


WHC athletes aspire to good performance at interschool level, but never lose sight of the educational principles involved: 

  • Sportsmanship 
  • Fair play 
  • Participation 
  • Spirit 
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