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High school culture

Cultural activities offered:

  • Public speaking  
  • Eisteddfod  
  • MADD evening  
  • House plays 
  • One Act Play Festival 
  • Choir 
  • School plays 
  • Curro Cuesta 
  • Afrikaans evening

High school phase: Grades 7 to 12

The cultural life of Woodhill College learners is an extremely important part of the school curriculum and all learners are expected to participate fully in all areas of art, music and drama. Drama is a vital component of this aspect of school life. Every year learners are involved in a school production or international evening. 

Cultural evenings and talent shows give the learners the opportunity to experience the interdependence of all they do at school. They come to realise that drama is not just a recreational activity but a reflection of life. Music, on the other hand, ‘expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent’ (Victor Hugo). 

We hope that the music experience at Woodhill College will lead to a lifelong love for and involvement in music, giving learners the opportunity to start off their careers from a very young age. Our music and art programmes are an important component of learning and success and have become a natural part of our school day. Music is exciting. It crosses borders, turns frowns into smiles and is a language everyone speaks and understands! 

Art education is a very significant part of any learner’s development. It encourages aesthetic appreciation and self-expression in learners. It builds their confidence and allows them to express themselves with honesty, perceptiveness and sensitivity. At Woodhill, creativity is encouraged and art lessons are varied and challenging, allowing for creative expression in a structured environment. Imagination, inventiveness, problem-solving and sharing of thoughts and ideas are encouraged. Various mediums are presented and explored. These include painting, drawing, embossing, printing, etching and three-dimensional design. 

Our vision – to provide music, art and drama education to learners of all ages. 

Our mission – to give every learner the chance and opportunity to experience music, art and drama. 

Our objective – to be passionate and create a love of and appreciation for music, art and drama. 


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