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The development of Woodhill College already started in 1998 with the acquisition of the 14 ha property from the developers of Woodhill Residential Golf Estate. In March 1999 we officially announced the opening of Woodhill College.

Building work started in 2000 and included the administration centre, the foundation phase section, amphitheatre and learner lounge (which for a long period was the hall) and general block A (library, computer centre, music room and laboratory). When the doors opened at the end of January 2001, there were 236 learners enrolled from Group 4 to Grade 9, with a staff complement of 33. 

Today the constructed buildings are in excess of 12 500 m², with the capacity to accommodate 1 730 learners.

The year 2021 will mark Woodhill College’s 20th anniversary. We have been and will always remain innovative and progressive in our approach to offer quality education.

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