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High school

Senior phase: Grade 8 to Grade 9

At Woodhill College, our learners are guided to adjust to a greater workload of higher intensity in this phase. Our teaching is aimed at developing innovative and critical thinking, while a problem-solving approach is taken to subjects such as Mathematics.

As a Curro Select School, our enhanced curriculum places a great emphasis on problem-solving and individual thinking, while 21st-century learning is implemented in subjects such as Dance Studies and Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD). Our material in Technology and Science even covers nanotechnology and Leonard da Vinci’s inventions.

Furthermore, learners may choose Sepedi or Afrikaans as additional language options, and they receive guidance when choosing their elective subjects at the end of Grade 9.

FET phase: Grade 10 to Grade 12

The FET phase prepares learners for the IEB examinations written at the end of Grade 12. However, we emphasise a greater world-readiness rather than a purely examination-driven approach. Our learners are taught to think innovatively, express their ideas and take charge of their own lives to one day reach their goals and become self-confident, achieving adults. Some of our specialised subjects include Computer Applications Technology (CAT) and Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD).

View more on Woodhill College’s high school offering on our fact sheet.

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