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Welcome to

Waterstone College

Waterstone College is an independent school in Kibler Park, Johannesburg that provides high-quality education for learners from 3 months to Grade 12, at the end of which the IEB examination is written. Our small class sizes, enhanced curriculum and international-standard facilities provide learners with 21st-century skills and knowledge to grow into self-confident individuals. While we adopt the latest research in providing a well-rounded education, we balance innovation with well-established, effective teaching methods.

Our school philosophy is based on Christian values (ethics and morals) and we believe in tackling life with faith, integrity, respect and excellence.

What do we offer?

At Waterstone College, we balance academic excellence with sports- and cultural well-being, thereby ensuring that learners develop into well-rounded individuals. From nursery school to high school, our small class sizes and enhanced curriculum provide learners with an inherent dedication to hard work and excellence as well as 21st-century skills to prepare them for the workplace of the future.

Our dedicated teachers give learners personal attention in the classroom, which helps to ensure that they achieve to the best of their abilities. As a Curro Select School, we can offer more specialised options to our learners, such as music, chess, art and environmental appreciation in our programmes from a young age. Although teaching takes place in English, learners may choose isiZulu as an additional language option.

Our modern classrooms are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, while our international-standard facilities enable us to continue our strong performance in sport by offering a wide variety of activities. Furthermore, our enrichment programme provides learners with life skills and exposure to interesting hobbies during the school day. These activities range from cooking and science experiments to cardmaking and caring for the elderly.


Which activities do we offer?

As a Curro Select School, we believe that participation in activities plays an important role in promoting health, team-awareness, discipline and self-confidence in addition to physical and social well-being. As our school has a strong sports performance record, we offer a wide variety of sports and cultural activities, supplemented by individual sports academies aimed at further developing learners’ inherent skills and talents. These activities are generally included in the school fees, unless otherwise stated.


Which facilities do we have?

At Waterstone College, we boast with superior facilities ranging from modern classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art teaching tools, to international-standard sports and cultural facilities. During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, our soccer field was even used as a practice field by the Mexican team. We also have several additional centres that accommodate learners who wish to excel in sport and culture through private tutoring or coaching, as well as support centres for learners who require academic, behavioural or emotional support.


What else is nearby?

Waterstone College is situated in Kibler Park, Johannesburg and is easily accessible from Main Road off the R82. It is conveniently located on the bank of the Klip River and is near Riverside Community Church, Kibler Park Spar, and the bus stop on Gordon Road. We also offer transport services for learners travelling to our school.

For more information on what Waterstone College offers, view our fact sheet and fees letter, contact us for a school tour, or enrol your child.


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