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School fees

The King’s School’s fees are determined by considering several aspects required to maintain high-quality education, facilities, and other services offered by our school.

Payment method:

Due to administrative concerns, we would prefer that school fee payments are made via debit order (for monthly instalments) or EFT (for annual payments only). Therefore, although there may be more payment method options on our current fees letter, please know that we may contact you to arrange for debit order payments should another method have been chosen.

Download our school fee letter here:

school fees



At The King’s School, our approach to education ensures that learners are developed as well-rounded individuals. Therefore, we offer a limited number of academic, leadership and cultural scholarships to prospective learners from Grade 8 to Grade 10 in 2021. Scholarships are awarded to selected learners who have shown exceptional academic and leadership ability, or those who have achieved significant recognition in cultural activities.

Here is a brief summary of the scholarship criteria:

  • Academic scholarship

Applicants should demonstrate exceptional all-round academic ability, with consistent performance in the last two years. Achievement in external examinations, olympiads, etc. will count in their favour.

  • Leadership scholarships

Applicants should serve on a prefect committee or school representative council, and should have a solid academic basis.

  • Cultural scholarships

Applicants should have been selected and participated at provincial or national level for their chosen cultural activity, or should have performed exceptionally well at school level. They should also be able to demonstrate the potential for continued superior performance in the chosen cultural activity and have a solid academic basis.

To apply for one of the scholarships at The King’s School, please complete our online scholarship application form and prepare for a scholarship exam and interview to be held on Friday, 31 July 2020.

Scholarship applications close on Wednesday, 29 July at 14:00.

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