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Magic Beings Nursery School

Magic Beings is an independent nursery school in Johannesburg North, Gauteng that provides high-quality early childhood development for children from birth to 5 years that incorporates the ELDAs. Our excellent staff-child ratios allow our dedicated teachers to engage each child in our internally developed play-based curriculum and to build strong, caring relationships with each child.

Our school is next to Cooper College, a Curro Select school which allows children to easily progress from nursery school to primary school in a familiar environment. Our campus is separate from the Cooper College primary and high school buildings to improve access control and ensure the children’s safety on the playground.


What do we offer?

At Magic Beings, we lay the foundation for your child’s future social and academic life by incorporating play in stimulating, developmental activities such as creative movement and artistic expression. By involving parents in their child’s learning experience, we provide a holistic development programme at affordable fees that stretches beyond the classroom.

We incorporate the ELDAs in our curriculum

Curro’s internally developed nursery school programme is designed with the Early Learning and Development Areas (ELDAs) in mind. The programme is designed to stimulate physical, social, emotional and cognitive well-being through developmental activities and engaging play areas

By incorporating the latest research in physical and cognitive development, our carefully-designed playgrounds, safety measures and daily programmes create a safe and fun-filled home away from home. From Group 5 onwards, our programme is designed to integrate with the Cambridge Assessment International Education system, which is followed at Cooper College.


How do we ensure safety in our school?

Our strict security measures ensure the safety of our children. The campus is protected by security guards and CCTV cameras on the playground. Visitors need to sign in to gain access and the number of visitors per class is limited. Children are collected from the classroom and are signed in and out daily to ensure that they remain safe and accounted for. All our gate monitors have two-way radios for communication as well as panic buttons in case of an emergency. We also have a registered nurse on-site, and all staff are trained, or currently undergoing training, in first aid, which helps ensure the health and safety of our children


How do we encourage parent involvement?

As a Curro Select school, we love involving parents. For moms who might need advice about feeding, weaning, teething, etc. our baby centre supervisor is always on hand. Our parents are involved when it comes to annual highlights such Mother’s and Father’s Day mornings and Easter egg hunts. We also regularly send informative newsletters home to keep parents up to date on school activities, fundraisers and events.


What else is nearby?

Magic Beings is close to neighbourhoods such as Noordhang, Jukskei Park and Douglasdale and is easily accessible from Witkoppen Road via the N1. We are conveniently close to shopping centres such as Northlands Shopping Centre, Douglasdale Village as well as the trendy Fourways Mall.



For more information on what Magic Beings offers, view our fact sheet and fees letter, contact us for a school tour, or enrol your child.


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