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Curro Vanderbijlpark

Curro Vanderbijlpark is an English-medium independent school based on Christian values (ethics and morals). We offer our parents state-of- the-art facilities in a safe environment and focus on developing all-round balanced individuals.

Our learners are exposed to a quality learning programme in the fields of academics, sport and culture within which they can grow and develop their own, individual abilities.

Quick facts:

  • English-medium tuition
  • Girls and boys from Grade R to Grade 9 (higher grades to phase in annually)
  • Aftercare is available
  • A maximum of 22 learners per class

Recognising that academics is the core function in the primary school, we offer an intensive academic programme that goes beyond the basic requirements and provides an enriched curriculum in all subjects. We offer an advanced Mathematics, Science, Technology and language programme, giving our learners that extra advantage over others. Robotics and entrepreneurship also feature strongly in school life.

In the high school, the focus is on academic excellence, with an emphasis on preparation for tertiary education. A disciplined, safe and stable environment is offered and a culture of quality in the classroom is supported by a well-managed curriculum and committed educators.

Sport and cultural activities are viewed as key to developing all-round balanced individuals. For this reason, Curro provides an extensive extramural programme.


Primary school fact sheet

High school fact sheet