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Sports facilities

Our school’s sports facilities are designed to accommodate a variety of sports activities on the premises. Our sports facilities, which are accessible to primary and high school learners, include:

  • Indoor heated swimming pool
  • Athletics track
  • Hockey and soccer fields
  • Tennis and netball fields
  • Obstacle course (for fitness and teambuilding sessions)



Our aftercare service is available for primary school learners from at an additional cost, as stipulated on our fees letter. Learners are accommodated in safe classrooms and playgrounds, and the fees include a freshly prepared meal for lunch as well as limited homework support.


Modern classrooms

At Curro Thatchfield, we created a safe, modern environment where children can grow accustomed to learning and working with modern equipment and facilities. Our classrooms are designed to create a feeling of learning through educational decorations, but without causing undue distraction.

Classrooms for specialised subjects such as Technology, Music and Physical Sciences are equipped with tools that allow learners to interact with the learned material through experiments or projects.

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