School prayer

School prayer/Skoolgebed

Heavenly Father,

You are the creator of everything.

 Om U te ken en te dien oortref alles in waarde.


Thank you for Your grace and the privilege of attending a

school where Your name is honoured.

May everyone here at Curro see and experience

Your blessings daily

and may we all react to it with love for You

and with kindness to everyone.


Jesus Christus, U is my Verlosser en Vriend.

Dankie vir die oorvloed van U genade.

Help my asseblief om vandag ’n waardige draer

van U naam te wees.


Holy Spirit, You are my advocate and comforter.

Let us be open and sensitive to Your guidance.

Fill us with Your power to be witnesses of the

abundant life which God gives.


We pray this in the Name of Jesus