Foundation phase sports

Sports offered:

  • Integrated sports

Foundation phase: Grades R to 9

Participation in sport and the role of physical development are based on the ethos of Curro Rivonia. This is to ensure that all learners are educated in totality and to create opportunities as far as possible for each learner to develop as an individual. It is therefore important that learners are encouraged to participate in sport. 

  • Grades R to 2: Learners will receive coaching in various sports, but this will happen during their school day. This is known as ‘INTEGRATED SPORTS’ and will be coached by coaches who specialise in working with younger athletes. They present the different sporting codes in a fun and enjoyable way, not focussing on the competitive side of sports.  
  • Grades R to 8: Learners may join any outside club for private coaching, (i.e. swimming club, judo and Soccer Stars) at the parents’ discretion, but apart from perhaps supplying a venue, the school will not be liable for any sports or other activities offered by outsiders. The times these private lessons will be from 16:00 onwards on days determined by the outsider coaches in agreement with the parents.

Other activities offered by private tutors/coaches held on Curro Rivonia premises: 

  • Soccer stars 
  • Dance Mouse 
  • Judo  


Paid for extramural activities and service providers 2019