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Our aftercare service is available for learners from Grade R to Grade 7 at an additional cost, as stipulated on our fee letter. Learners are accommodated in safe classrooms and playgrounds until 17:30, and the fees include a freshly prepared meal for lunch as well as limited homework support.


Activity facilities

Our school’s facilities are designed to accommodate a wide variety of sports and cultural activities on the premises. Our activity facilities include an aquatics centre and a five-a-side soccer field.

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Parent Teacher Association

We encourage parents to play a role in managing our school through a duly-elected parent teacher association (PTA). As the name indicates, the PAC’s role is strictly an advisory one – they do not make and enforce decisions regarding school matters. The committee comprises of parents of current children.

At Rivonia our PTA acts as liaison between the school and parents, raise funds through specific events throughout the year and host social and fellowship events. Through the PTA, parents can share their input in a structured manner to the benefit of the learners and school; as a community they can, therefore, be involved in the operational success of the school.


Modern classrooms

At Curro Rivonia we created a safe, modern environment where children can grow accustomed to learning and working with modern equipment and facilities. Our classrooms are designed to create a feeling of learning through educational decorations, but without causing undue distraction.

Classrooms for specialised subjects such as Information Technology are also available and learners have access to all the tools needed for STEAMD club.


Tuck shop

Curro Rivonia’s tuck shop offers a variety of drinks, snacks and freshly made meals for our learners and staff. Our tuck shop is cashless and parents have control over their children’s spending via an app that allows them to upload money to a card. Learners use these cards to make purchases at the tuck shop.


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