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Senior phase: Grade 8 to Grade 9

Curro New Road accommodates learners in Grades 8 in 2020, with higher grades phasing in annually.

Our teaching takes place through interactive e-learning tools and videos, with teachers and tutors providing one-on-one assistance as needed. By moving the teachers away from the whiteboard and into the classroom, learners can get more immediate and personal assistance to understand a particular concept before moving on.

Learners nowadays relate better to interactive, multimedia-based material and, therefore, are more likely to stay interested and invested during the learning process.


What about Grade 10 to Grade 12?

As higher grades are phasing in annually, a Grade 10 class will be available in a few years. You are welcome to contact us for a school tour or to find out what we plan to offer in this phase.


Preparing learners for the fourth industrial revolution

With a great focus on 21st-century skills, we offer advanced Technology, Science, and Mathematics, as well as a coding and Robotics programme. Learners are prepared to write the NSC (National Senior Certificate) examinations at the end of Grade 12, but gain many additional skills that prepare them for a future-focused workplace.

View our fact sheet to see which subjects we offer.

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