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Senior phase: Grade 8 to Grade 9

Curro New Road accommodates learners in Grades 8 in 2020, with higher grades phasing in annually.

Our teaching takes place through interactive e-learning tools and videos, with teachers and tutors providing one-on-one assistance as needed. By moving the teachers away from the whiteboard and into the classroom, learners can get more immediate and personal assistance to understand a particular concept before moving on.

Learners nowadays relate better to interactive, multimedia-based material and, therefore, are more likely to stay interested and invested during the learning process.


What about Grade 10 to Grade 12?

As higher grades are phasing in annually, a Grade 10 class will be available in a few years. You are welcome to contact us for a school tour or to find out what we plan to offer in this phase.


Preparing learners for the fourth industrial revolution

With a great focus on 21st-century skills, we offer advanced Technology, Science, and Mathematics, as well as a coding and Robotics programme. Learners are prepared to write the NSC (National Senior Certificate) examinations at the end of Grade 12, but gain many additional skills that prepare them for a future-focused workplace.

View our fact sheet to see which subjects we offer.


Optional eighth subject through Curro Choice

Curro Choice allows high-school learners at all Curro schools to take an additional eighth subject not offered at their school. Lessons take place in the afternoons through live lessons with teachers, and learners remain enrolled at their schools. Applications remain open throughout the year, and as the final exam is written at the school, their subject results will appear on their regular progress report.

See which subjects are offered by Curro Choice.

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