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Welcome to

Curro New Road

Curro New Road is an innovative, technologically-advanced high school that opened in January 2020 in Midrand, Johannesburg. Our modern, technology-rich school offers English-medium teaching and accommodates learners in Grade 8 in 2020, with higher grades phasing in annually. Our unique e-learning model cultivates 21st-century skills required for the fourth industrial revolution through a project-based learning programme that emphasises Science, Mathematics, and Technology.

What do we offer?

Our teaching takes place through the use of leading e-learning tools and videos, with teachers and tutors providing personal assistance as needed. By moving the teachers away from the whiteboard and into the classroom, learners can get immediate and personal assistance to understand a particular concept before moving to the next section of work.

With a focus on 21st-century skills, we offer advanced Technology, Science, and Mathematics, as well as a coding and Robotics programme. Learners are prepared to write the NSC (National Senior Certificate) examinations at the end of Grade 12. Our Saturday programmes provide learners with extra classes, or the opportunity to work on their projects or study in groups. These programmes are not compulsory and are offered at no additional cost.

How do we use technology in the classroom?

As Curro New Road utilises the DigiEd curriculum approach, our teaching method centres around the use of technology. Learners watch instructional videos rather than read purely from textbooks and receive multimedia-based material.

Learners also get their own school email account to easily and securely liaise with teachers, or team members on projects. Learning material can further be easily shared by teachers through an interactive communication platform, access to which is built into the school fees.

Why choose Curro New Road?

Curro New Road is perfect for the learner who wants a modern Mathematics- and Science-based education and dreams of tertiary studies. Learners are given guided responsibility and flexibility to learn at their own pace – and have access to personal and online tutoring – thereby teaching them perseverance and self-discipline.

Our longer school hours and no-homework policy accommodate the schedules of working parents by removing the pressure of managing heavy loads of homework. Learners can be dropped off early in the morning (from 06:00) when parents are on their way to work and picked up well after office hours (until 18:00).

What else is nearby?

Curro New Road is near Midrand Gautrain station, Riverview Office Park, N1 Business Park and several bus stops, as well as residential areas such as Silverstream Estate, Broadwalk Crescent and Villa d’Alegria.

Our school is also on the same campus as a private college managed by Curro, which offers the NCV (National Certificate Vocational).

For more information on what Curro New Road offers, view our fact sheet and fees letter, or contact us for a school tour or to enrol your child.

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