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Intermediate phase

Intermediate phase: Grade 4 to Grade 6 (higher grades will phase in annually)

In the intermediate phase, the emphasis is still on establishing basic foundations but learners are led into more abstract thought and independent work. Application of skills and concepts is also a focus area in this phase. This phase aims to prepare learners for the senior phase in the high school. 


  • English home language  
  • Afrikaans first additional language  
  • Mathematics 
  • Life Orientation 
  • Natural Sciences (Biology and Physical Sciences) 
  • Social Sciences (Geography and History) 
  • Economic and Management Sciences (EMS) 
  • Arts and Culture 
  • Information Technology 
  • Technology 
  • Music 

To align with 21st century skills Curro Monaghan focuses on core subjects, namely Mathematics, Languages, Science and Technology. 


The Mathematics curriculum has been rewritten to allow for a learner-centric, problem-solving approach. 


Curro Monaghan uses an individualised approach of matching learners to book levels as well as using guided reading and writing when teaching languages. Added to this is the implementation of reciprocal teaching of reading to enhance each learner’s deeper reading comprehension.  

Science and Technology 

In Robotics learners build and program Lego robots for 25% of the tuition time. The Science curriculum has been adapted to include 21st century content and learning. 

We aim to embrace 21st century learning by incorporating the use of tablets into our classrooms. We currently raise children who are ‘digital natives’. By embracing innovative technology into our school, we are speaking the language our learners understand. 

Tablets were formally launched in our classrooms in 2016 and have created an unrivalled world of possibilities in education. The learning process is no longer content-driven, but encompasses the knowledge explosion, which is constantly available all around us. Educators are now able to send multi-media learning support material home and learning material is kept alive and current. 

21st century skills in our classrooms 

  • To ensure that our learners become responsible internet users, we are developing a comprehensive IT curriculum, incorporating knowledge, cloud technology and the skills for the latest software. 
  • We are optimising the use of tablets in our classrooms. 
  • We are incorporating the latest thinking in 21st century teaching into our assessment practices, which includes new methodologies, teaching strategies and utilising the tablet as a learning tool. 
  • In our search for world-class education and excellence, Curro Monaghan strives to achieve 21st century skills in our classrooms as advocated internationally, namely the 3Rs, 4Cs and the 2Ms. 
  • 3Rs: The three Rs referred to reading, writing and arithmetic. We now interpret this to be the total content of the subjects we offer in the school phases in South Africa. 
  • 4Cs: These are the skills we need to teach and reinforce daily in our classrooms: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity and innovation. 
  • 2Ms: These represent motivation and metacognition and form one’s ability to think about one’s thinking.