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Younger Group

  • We make use of disposable nappies, which the parents must provide. Depending on the age of your little one, there should be four to six nappies in your child’s bag on a daily basis. 

 Bottles and dummies  

  • Babies should have two clearly marked, thoroughly sterilised feeding bottles every morning. Milk formula should be placed in a suitable container.  
  • Empty bottles will be sent home after school every day. Please ensure that these bottles are thoroughly sterilised.  
  • If your baby prefers a dummy, it must be attached to a dummy chain.  
  • It is very important that all the above-mentioned articles should be clearly marked. Please note that each part of the bottle needs to be marked individually. 

Clothing, necessities and other possessions 

Every child must have a suitable bag, clearly marked with the following items that are to be packed for your child every day: 

  • At least two sets of clean clothing 
  • A plastic bag for dirty clothes 
  • Two sterilised feeding bottles 
  • One hairbrush 
  • Six disposable nappies 
  • Older babies and toddlers – healthy snacks for snack time 

Please be sure to mark every item clearly! 

The following are to be provided on the first day:   

  • R25 for an embroidered face cloth 
  • Two large containers of baby bum cream 
  • Wet wipes as necessary for nappy changes 
  • One container of baby powder   

Older group
Clothing, necessities and other possessions 

Each child's suitcase should contain the following daily and should be marked clearly: 

  • R25 for an embroidered face cloth, to be paid to the class educator on the first day 
  • Hairbrush or comb 
  • One full set of clean clothes 
  • A plastic bag 
  • Lunch box (healthy snacks from Mondays to Thursdays, sweets are allowed on Fridays) 





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