High school sports

Extramural activities

Extramural activities are an exceptionally important part of childhood development that is sadly all too often overlooked. ‘Extramural’ literally means ‘beyond the wall’ – it is activities outside the classroom that provides a balance for the academic side of education. Just as children’s minds need to be stimulated, informed and developed, so too do they need to physically learn, develop and acquire new skills.

Extramural activities available:

  • First-aid training
  • Eco Club
  • Outreach programme

High school phase: Grades 8 to 10

To enable our learners to take optimal advantage of the opportunities at Curro Krugersdorp, a well-planned extramural timetable is drawn up, enabling a holistic approach to the development of our learners.

Sporting codes available:

  • Athletics
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Hockey