Foundation phase culture

Cultural activities offered:

  • Choir  
  • Public speaking  
  • Choral verses  
  • African drums  
  • Drama  
  • Art  
  • Dancing  
  • Music 
  • Eisteddfods 

Foundation phase: Grades R to 3

Culture is one of the foundational pillars of developing a well-balanced learner. At Curro Krugersdorp, learners are offered the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of cultural activities, from choir to drama. In this way, learners can develop a love for art, regardless of their abilities in sport or academics. 

Junior and senior choir 

There are more than 80 participants in both our choirs. We partake in the RACA and NEA Art Festivals. This year we are part of the Sing in Harmonie choir competition that can be seen on kykNET from June. We are not only teaching the participants about music and singing, but also important values like self-discipline and perseverance. Look out for us! 

Public speaking 

To partake in public speaking not only develops a learner’s self-confidence but also their general knowledge and vocabulary. At Curro Krugersdorp those are qualities we focus on. Public speaking competitions are held on a yearly basis in both Afrikaans and English. Our Afrikaans speakers partake in the ATKV public speaking competitions where they achieve outstanding results. Our English speakers present the school at art festivals in our surrounding areas. Curro Krugersdorp create the opportunity where learners can partake in an unprepared and prepared category.  

Choral verses 

Curro Krugersdorp is proud to have eight choral verses. On a yearly basis we are category winners at the NEA festivals. Both our English and Afrikaans choral verses went through to the final rounds the former years. We received diamonds for our performances at the RACA festival. We create the opportunity to learners from the ages of five to thirteen can partake in this activity. Our poems are specially written to present our learners’ energy and unique spark. 

Other activities offered by private tutors/coaches held on Curro Krugersdorp premises: 

  • Mathematics  
  • Dance  
  • Piano 
  • Experi-Buddies 
  • Guitar