Culture at our school

At Curro Krugersdorp culture forms an integral part of our tuition in building self-confidence and contributing to loads of fun.

Afrikaans and English debating competitions take place on a yearly basis and learners have the opportunity to participate in the ATKV Redenaars competition.

Our junior and senior choirs also participate yearly in kykNET’s Sing in Harmonie choir competition as well as several other art festivals. The choir camp is a highlight – the choir members look forward to it every year!

Curro Krugersdorp boasts excellent speech choirs from Grade RR to Grade 7 and learners can choose to participate in either the English or Afrikaans speech choir. Learning poems aimed at the learners’ specific ages, is great fun.

From Grade 4 learners can join a drama group where they learn various skills to interpret creative work especially created for Curro.

We are also very proud of our African drummer group who have been selected as the winners who won gold at the South African Championship of Performing Arts (SACOPA). All the learners are enthusiastic about learning new rhythms. Besides that, drumming is also perfect therapy.

Every year the school presents a musical and we make an effort to encourage every learner to be involved. We use professional photographers, show off our catching costumes and dazzle in the spotlight.

At Curro Krugersdorp every learner has the opportunity to develop their God-given talents to the fullest.