Foundation phase culture

Cultural activities offered:

  • Music 
  • Art 
  • Eisteddfod 
  • Drama (extramural activity)

Foundation phase: Grades R to 3

Culture is one of the foundational pillars of developing a well-balanced learner. At Curro Helderwyk, learners are offered the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of cultural activities, from choir to drama. In this way, learners can develop a love for art, regardless of their abilities in sport or academics. 

Other activities offered by private tutors/coaches held on Curro Helderwyk premises: 

  • Drama 
  • Ballet 
  • Guitar


Curro Helderwyk includes music as part of the curriculum. The children attend music lessons weekly and thoroughly enjoy it. The primary school has a junior choir that perform at important events hosted by the school as well as compete at various competitions.


Curro Helderwyk learners thoroughly enjoy art and take part in various competitions throughout the year.


Curro Helderwyk takes part in the eisteddfod every year. Learners from Grade R to Grade 12 take part in this big cultural event. We receive awards ranging from bronze to prestige! We are very proud of all our learners who participate. 


Curro Helderwyk offers drama as an extramural to children from the age of 3 years old. Contact Michelle on 076 861 0735. The school also puts on a bi-annual concert! The children really enjoy this!