We refer to our children as little stars and the different groups are divided into classes/groups according to their age:  


Teacher & Assistant


Group 1

Teacher Keneilwe

Assistant Louisa

Tiny Stars

Group 2

Teacher Tletse

Assistant Itu

Milky Way Stars

Group 3.1

Teacher Dane

Assistant Rebecca

Silver Stars

Group 3.2

Teacher Daniell

Assistant Phillipine

Yellow Stars

Group 4.1

Teacher Samantha

Assistant Mpho

Red Stars

Group 4.2

Teacher Natalie

Assistant Daisy

Orange Stars

Group 5.1

Teacher Charlene

Assistant Venda

Blue Stars

Group 5.2

Teacher Amelia

Assistant Rosinah

Green Stars


 daily programme group 2

daily programme group 3

daily programme group 4

daily programme group 5