Extramural activities

At Curro Castle Rivonia we provide a variety of extramural activities to our learners. We offer both cultural and sports activities that are provided by private teachers/coaches. However, we have internal activities that are offered by our very own staff. The majority of our extramural activities are offered in the afternoon to ensure sufficient social development opportunities as well as educator-learner contact time.

The following is a list of extramural activities that are offered by private teachers/coaches:


  • Music Box (From Group 1) 
  • Dance Mouse Tots (From Group 1.5)
  • Dance Mouse (From Group 3)
  • Ballet (From Group 3)
  • Buzz Drama (From Group 4)
  • Cheffies (From Group 2)


  • Soccerstarz (From Group 3)
  • Catrobatkidz (From Group 3) 
  • Teddy Tennis (From Group 2)
  • Playball (From Group 1)
  • Judo (From Group 4)

The following extramural activities are offered internally by our staff:


This is a gross motor programme offered during the morning for Group 3 to Group 5. This programme aims to help the development of children holistically by stimulating, remedying and promoting specific motor skills and physical development.


This is a swimming programme that promotes aquatic safety, water familiarisation and survival techniques. The programme also encourages confidence and the development of swimming strokes.