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Access to primary and high school facilities

We are privileged to be able to make use of the facilities of our primary and high school when needed. Our annual school concert is hosted in the high school hall that can easily accommodate over 800 people while family fun days are held on the primary school fields.


Holiday care

Our school runs a full holiday care programme during school holidays, at no additional cost. Regular activities would continue, although we may arrange some extra fun activities during this time. We are closed only for a specified period during December and January as well as on public holidays and days which fall between public holiday weekends.


Indoor play areas

Children learn by interacting with the world around them. Therefore, our classrooms themselves are considered to be inanimate teachers of sorts. They are designed to allow maximum room for play and movement while being stimulating on a visual and tactile level.

We also have unique fantasy areas outside the normal classrooms, in the atrium. This allows for creative play even on rainy days. These fantasy areas are swopped around to keep the children excited and engaged.

Outdoor play areas

Our outdoor play areas include jungle gyms, open spaces for running, are designed to encourage physical play, and generally have synthetic grass to prevent allergic reactions. Children are taken outside to play on days with moderate weather conditions to prevent excessive cold or sunburn. Additional safety measures are taken on sunny days; these will be discussed with parents after enrolment.

Our spacious campus allows for three separate and carefully designed age-appropriate playgrounds where the focus is on physical development. The layout of these playgrounds supports our policy of no bullying.

On-site kitchen

Our on-site kitchen is fully equipped to prepare well-balanced, wholesome meals and snacks for children of all age groups. All meals are prepared with fresh ingredients and we carefully accommodate allergies and other dietary requirements.


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